I have been reading a book called “Misconceptions” by Naomi Wolf. It exposes many of the lies and half truths women are told about childbirth.

I have been brought close to tears reading it when I realize how many women go through so many of the things brought up in this book. I have hurt so much for women who have been told things about birth, only to discover it was not exactly true. Worse yet, the ones who have been told by those “in authority” things have to be done a certain way or you are a bad parent or that they are risking the lives of their unborn children. Many of these same people actually have an agenda of their own and are trying to make sure you comply with their agenda or plans.

I am grateful that here in Southwest Missouri we have a little reprieve from this because we have access to doulas and we have had some strong pioneers in the childbirth world here in our community. I am grateful to have a job where I can help women navigate these difficulties and present truth to them. I am grateful, yet saddened, by the reality of our current status concerning women and childbirth.

I hope I can be one of the forces of change for women when it comes to childbirth. Even if it is only my small little world I can change, maybe it will grow and reach far. If only I can help the ones I serve in the capacity of a doula then it will at least be something. I hope I can be a better doula now coming to terms with what I am teaching my clients and making sure they have the information they need, not just the “company line” when it comes to their choices. I hope I never let one of my clients go into the moment of birth without knowing their options.