Exciting weekend ahead!


Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I start my official training as a Post-Partum Doula. Three days of training and learning with other women who are thinking like me. It should be fun.

I have to admit, I loved my training as a Birth Doula and I am looking very forward to the Post-Partum Doula training. We have a teacher who has come from Iowa do the training and there are 10 women signed up. As a full-time SAHGMA (see my other blogs for more fun on the world of stay-at-home grand-parenting) I often don’t get to spend time with other women in a setting without toddler twins helping me out. The chance to have an intelligent conversation with an adult is exciting to me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because I will probably be all fun of good ideas and my brain will probably be going 90 miles anĀ  hour, or worse!